About Us


We are Reagan and Kannan and we are the owners of Ellery & Co! We met through our now husbands back in 2017 on a ski trip to Colorado! Kannan went to Texas Tech University and I (Reagan) went to Texas A&M University. But we really got to know each other after college when we moved to the same small town in south Texas! In 2020 we realized retail would be changed forever due to the pandemic and that's when we dreamed up our own e-commerce business! 

Maybe you're like us, not quite a Millenial and not Gen Z either! We switch our hair from side to middle part time to time and somehow still hold onto our skinny jeans! We know there are others like us! We are in the age where some friends are getting degrees, some are working up the corporate ladder, some are married, some are single, and some are starting families of their own! One thing stays the same, we want to dress trendy but feel good while doing it! Don't worry girl, we got you covered!!

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